IV PRO aspires to provide businesses with the expertise, cutting-edge digital solutions and support they need to deliver safe, personalized and transformative IV drip therapy to their clients.

Our Values

IV PRO is a testament to the passion that drives the team behind the brand. Shaped by the invaluable feedback of clients and the expertise of dedicated healthcare and life science professionals, together, we have crafted a brand that stands at the forefront of safety, efficacy and personalization of the IV drip therapy industry.

IV PRO empowers business owners to create their own brand within the IV drip therapy industry, by providing a suite of digital solutions that encompasses training, medical safety and personalized IV formulations.

Delivering new products and protocols to enhance the IV drip therapy experience for businesses and their clients
With 2 million IV drip therapies delivered over 10 years, IV PRO stands on a foundation of expertise in the industry
Customers can create their own brand identity within the IV drip therapy industry, tailoring their offering to align with their unique vision and branding
IV PRO is dedicated to adhering to the highest medical standards and regulatory compliance, instilling confidence in businesses and their clients
Powering the Industry
IV PRO has been expertly designed by medical professionals, life science experts and brought to life by our inhouse team of SaaS specialists to democratize access to IV drip therapy.
IV PRO is a digital solution for businesses, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs to provide safe, personalized IV drip therapy under their own brand, with full product personalization available to meet our clients needs.
Built on a decade of unparalleled expertise and the delivery of 2 million IV drip therapies, IV PRO is poised to redefine excellence and innovation in personalized wellness.
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Certified training to expertly and safely deliver IV drip therapy.
Utilizes health information and goals to generate safe, laboratory tested personalized IV formulations.
Thousands of laboratory-tested personalized formulations to ensure safety and quality.
Compliant with globally recognised industry standards.
Security measures to safeguard your data with unwavering dedication to data protection, ensuring your peace of mind.
Digital products built from published scientific data and 10 years of patient outcome data.

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