Digital solutions powering the future of the IV therapy industry.

IV PRO empowers business owners to create their own brand within the IV drip therapy industry, by providing a suite of digital solutions that encompasses training, medical safety and personalized IV formulations.

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Powering the industry by educating professionals in IV drip therapy with a world-class global e-learning experience and qualification.

Redefining excellence and innovation
With a decade of unparalleled expertise in nutritional IV drip therapy, IV PRO is poised to redefine excellence and innovation in the industry. Our remarkable journey has delivered over 2 million IV therapies, solidifying our position as a trusted leader in the field.
IV PRO has been expertly designed by medical professionals alongside SaaS experts to unlock the power of personalized nutritional IV drip therapy. Backed by a legacy of excellence in the nutritional IV therapy industry, IV Pro is your trusted partner in elevating customer care, redefining standards, and driving innovation forward. 
About us

IV PRO is a digital solution for businesses, healthcare professionals and entrepreneurs to safely provide IV therapy under their own brand, with full personalization capabilities to meet patient needs.. IV PRO is your trusted partner in elevating patient care, redefining standards, and driving innovation forward.

Our experts
The IV PRO digital product suite has been expertly designed by medical professionals, life science experts, and brought to life by our team of SaaS professionals  in order to unlock the power of IV drip therapy and share it with the world. Backed by a decade of expertise and a legacy of excellence in the IV therapy industry, IVPRO is the brand to enable the democratisation of IV drip therapy across the world. 
IV MediScreen is the medical screening solution that enables IV drip therapy clinics to quickly and comprehensively assess medical eligibility, helping to attain a high standard of safety for their patients. With intelligent integration with IV Formulate, the screening tool has the capacity to highlight indications and contraindications for treatment.
Developed by medical doctors, the IV Academy gives you everything you need to know in order to expertly and safely deliver IV drip therapies. Accredited by the CME and CPD, the IV Academy teaches to the highest and safest industry-recognised standards, offering a world-class global e-learning experience and qualification.
This ground-breaking solution empowers healthcare professionals to revolutionize their practice in personalized IV drip therapy. Each patient’s unique needs are met with greater accuracy and expertise, delivering personalized IV formulations that are laboratory tested and certified. Craft personalized IV formulations that optimize patient outcomes and tailor treatments to specific nutritional deficiencies, symptoms and health goals.
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Why Choose IV PRO?

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Experience and Expertise

With over 10 years of industry leadership, IV PRO brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to the table. Our journey is marked by a commitment to pioneering advancements and delivering safe, effective, and personalized care.

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Innovation at Its Core

Innovation is the driving force behind IV PRO. From state-of-the-art solutions to cutting-edge practices, we're dedicated to reshaping the landscape of IV drip therapy.

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Elevate Your Practice

IV Pro equips healthcare professionals with a comprehensive SaaS solution to provide safe and personalized IV drip therapy under their own brand. Your patients deserve the best, and IV PRO helps you deliver just that.

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Industry Transformation

IV PRO sets trends, contributing to a global shift towards innovation and empowerment within the IV drip therapy industry. IV PRO envisions a world where the industry symbolizes excellence, where brands thrive on trust, and where safety is paramount.

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Elevated Patient Outcomes

IV PRO’s integrated recommendation engine works seamlessly to optimize patient care, and satisfaction rates

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Streamlined Efficiency

Access to user-friendly administration protocols leading to enhanced workflow efficiency. Healthcare professionals can focus on delivering care rather than navigating complex procedures.

Meet the leading experts behind IV PRO?

"Utilising science and technology, IV PRO will allow you to offer the best personalized IV solutions without compromising on safety.”

A graduate of Medicine and Surgery from Liverpool University in the UK and a fully registered member of the general medical council, Dr Barnish has extensive experience in both the public and private sectors of healthcare. He has a passion for preventative and precision medicine and has dedicated his career to understanding the science behind these fields, focusing on nutrition and genetics. Dr Barnish has been offering personalized IV drip therapy for almost a decade and has helped to bring safer policies and procedures to this practice.

“I wish I had these tools at my disposal when I started in the IV drip industry as it would've helped me feel a lot more confident and secure in practice.”

Dr. Parvani is the original founder of REVIV. He oversaw the development and growth of REVIV USA, and helped create the elective IV therapy industry. Dr. Parvani has degrees in biology and chemistry and subsequently studied allopathic medicine at Georgetown University. He trained in emergency critical care medicine at the University of Florida and practiced as an Emergency Physician for 10 years. 

“Through IV Academy, IV PRO offers state-of-the-art learning to start your journey in the wellness industry.”

A registered nurse with over 18 years experience in a public and private setting, Cheryl's clinical expertise are in Emergency nursing and Clinical Education. She developed a passion for preventative health through REVIV and was the first practitioner to deliver therapies to clients in a REVIV clinic. Cheryl has developed and implemented rigorous clinical policies and protocols to ensure the safety of the REVIV clinics

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personalised IV drip therapy?

Personalized IV drip therapy describes the elective delivery of an intravenous (IV) formulation of fluids and nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and medication, to a client, personalised to their health goals, symptoms and/or medical history. The client’s medical information and health objectives are assessed and utilising the existing nutritional science for improving health outcomes, a personalized formulation is created. The procedure contains risks, benefits and alternatives, all of which must be comprehensively evaluated and explained to the client. 

What does lab tested mean?

All of IV PRO’s personalized formulation recommendations are independently laboratory tested to ensure that when reconstituting the recommended additives, it is compatible and safe for human consumption. This includes testing for pH, osmolarity, density, endotoxin formation and particulate formation. It is important to note that medical eligibility is still required.

Who is IV PRO for?

IV PRO is for any individual or business who wishes to operate an IV drip therapy practice under their own brand. 
IV PRO has built a suite of digital products that: 
• Provide comprehensive suite of capability necessary to start an IV drip therapywithout needing to franchise
• Ensure IV practitioners  have the knowledge and training require to practice safely and enhance patient outcomes 
• Promote safety, delivering the highest industry clinical standards
• Enhance patient outcomes with personized formulations 
• Help navigate regulatory pitfalls

How do I sign up for IV PRO?

You can sign up to IV Academy by following this link here or you can receive exclusive updates on the availability of IV MediScreen and IV Formulate by signing up here

How does IV PRO promote safety in practice?

IV PRO has been built off 10 years of in-practice therapy and over 2 million safely delivered IV therapies. IV Academy is at the core of IV PRO and has been structured to educate all IV PRO users on safety standards. Customers will be educated in the principles of IV drip therapy safety and will embark on modules exploring medical eligibility, recognised industry standards, contraindications, clinical skills and much more. IV PRO has been built with an expert algorithm based on this science, highlighting specific indications and contraindications generating thousands of lab tested, personalized formulations. IV PRO not only promotes safety, but also helps to improve customer experience to maximize business retention. 

Can IV PRO be customized for individual customer needs?​

Yes, please contact the IV PRO team here

What is the purpose of medical screening?

Medical screening is used to determine the safety risk to a patient receiving IV drip therapy or injectable nutrition in an elective setting. This topic is covered in depth within the accredited IV Academy training course on IV drip therapy. Click here. Medical screening should be conducted for all patients when undertaking IV drip therapy services.

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